Snow Removal

On average, High Forest Ranch spends over $30,000 a year on snow removal. In order to perform our fiduciary duty to the community, High Forest Ranch has developed a snow policy:

Snow will be removed when conditions merit, including...but not limited to:
• Snow over 4” in the community
• Snow less than 4”, but with the potential for other small storms that could induce ice buildup
• Drifts over 8”

Please understand that making the snow call is an art, not a science. HFR is subject to vastly different snow conditions than anywhere around (for example, in 2006 HFR got 142” of snow, Monument got 118” of snow, and Colorado Springs Airport got 34” of snow) and weather is difficult to predict.

Question: What should I expect during a storm?
The snow contractor will be called out as early as possible in the morning, and will prioritize clearing the gates and the school bus routes in the community. After these are clear, he will work on the rest of the community. It takes at least 6 hours to clear the entire community, so please be patient!

Question: What should I expect during a major storm (snow/drifts in excess of 12”)?
The snow contractor will maintain one-lane access to make sure that emergency vehicles and school buses are able to access the entire community. The plowing service will do its best to maintain the whole community, but during large snowstorms they've been instructed to maintain emergency access routes. The community will be emailed to ensure they're aware of conditions so please make sure you are registered on the highforestranch.net website.

Question: Will there be snow and ice on the roads after a snow?
Yes. Many of the roads in HFR are in the shade, coupled with the daytime melting and nighttime freezing creating icy conditions. De-icing equipment will only be called out if there is an intersection, road, or area that is dangerous AND temperatures are not predicted to rise above 40 degrees for 3-5 days. Please adjust your speed accordingly. Please report icy conditions to the Snow Call POC below.

Question: Why does the snow plow keep piling snow at the end of my driveway?
This is a normal byproduct of snow removal. The snow plows will do their best to minimize the snow deposits at driveway/road intersections if the driveways are clearly marked and snow conditions make it feasible.

Question: Why are the gates open?
In the event of snow/icy conditions, the gates will be locked in the open position. This is to ensure the gate motors are not damaged and that the gates are not stuck in the closed position.

Question: Where are the best places to put excess snow after I clear my driveway?
The best place to pile excess snow is in the roadside ditches on the same side of the road as your driveway. It should be noted that snow should NOT be pushed across the road, as you can create berms of snow on the road that are dangerous to other drivers and the snow plows. You may also be liable for any accidents or damage caused by this unsafe condition. 

Question: It snowed 4” and the snow plows were not called, is there a reason?
During fall and spring snows, the roads are often warm enough to melt the snow. The snow call is made considering future weather conditions and the temperature of the road itself. 

Question: How can I give feedback about how the snow removal?
Please contact the snow removal POC or the board president.

Snow Removal POC: Gary Hoffman - GMhoffman1@msn.com